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Hybrid Cloud Solution

Hybrid Cloud Solution allows customers to use HUAWEI CLOUD services in their local data centers to meet specific security and compliance requirements. Iterative development provides ever-improving cloud services to address ever-changing service requirements and the need for low-latency in certain scenarios.

bounce back technologies

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup

The Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup solution provides customers with multi-cloud and cross-cloud DR and backup capabilities with support for comprehensive data protection policies. It guarantees service continuity and keeps critical data secure with solution-level high reliability.


Build and host your e-commerce websites on our highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure.

Financial Omni-Channel

By combining industrial features and Huawei's cloud services, this solution provides end-to-end cloud services for financial customers such as banks, insurance agents, security companies, or Internet finance enterprises. It helps customers quickly migrate their services to the cloud, promoting fast growth and improving their competitiveness.

Smart Retail

HUAWEI CLOUD Smart Retail Solution integrates retail industry applications with cloud services, big data, and artificial intelligence to build omni-channel online and offline solutions that facilitate digital transformation of the retail industry and improve user experience.

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