SafeNet Access Management and Authentication Solutions

Cloud-based applications play a vital role in fulfilling productivity and operational needs in the enterprise. However, as new services are added to an organizations’ cloud estate, it becomes more difficult to gain unified visibility into cloud access events, more complex to comply with regulations and more onerous for users to remember multiple credentials. And with cloud applications protected, by default, only with weak static passwords, the risk of a data breach rises.

Thales's award-winning suite of SafeNet Access Management and Authentication solutions allow organizations to effectively manage risk, maintain regulator y compliance, gain visibility into all access events and simplify the login experience for their users.

Utilizing policy-based SSO and universal authentication methods, enterprises can securely move to the cloud while maintaining access controls to all corporate resources, regardless of the device being used.

Prevent breaches

Deter unauthorized access and apply universal authentication methods for all apps

Enable cloud transformation securely

Transform your business and operate securely by applying consistent access policies to all on prem and cloud apps

Simplify the login experience

Make it simple for users to log into multiple apps with cloud SSO, elevating trust only when needed

Simplify compliance

Remain compliant as you grow your environment by setting policies that adapt to new regulations

Standards-based Security

Thales's SafeNet Access Management and Authentication solutions offer unparalleled standards-based security:

  • FIPS 140-2 validated software and hardware tokens
  • Common Criteria certified hardware tokens
  • ISO 27001:2013 accreditation
  • AICPA SOC-2 recognition
  • DSKPP-secured provisioning of software tokens
  • ANSSI certified libraries within software tokens
  • Hardware-based root of trust
  • Field-programmable tokens
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