Thales (formerly SafeNet-Gemalto) Strong Authentication for Secure Remote (VPN) Access

About SafeNet Access Management and Authentication Solutions

Thales's industry-leading Access Management and Authentication solutions let enterprises centrally manage and secure access to enterprise IT, web and cloud-based applications. Utilizing policybased SSO and universal authentication methods, enterprises can effectively prevent breaches, migrate to the cloud securely and simplify regulatory compliance.  

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The Move to Ubiquitous Remote Access

To accommodate flexible work arrangements, support traveling employees, retain expertise following office relocation, and keep pace with international work hours, organizations are coming under increased pressure to offer a secure VPN access strategy that allows users to access the enterprise network anytime, anywhere.

Frictionless Remote Access

Key benefits

  • Strong, multi-factor authentication with the broadest range of methods, including soft tokens and password-less authentication
  • Secure access from any device
  • Automated workflows yielding reduced IT management overhead
  • Simplified compliance

Wide-ranging VPN Support

Frictionless Management Strategy

Easily extend MFA to cloud apps

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