IT Management

Patch Management: Patching software to the latest version automatically.

IT Management Tools: Simplify network management and save time with easy-to-use actions, including command prompt, change password, file search & USB tracking.

Software Deployment: Deploying software remotely or manually across a mass of devices, using IT management functions such as command prompts, deploy MSI, deploy MAC software and software licensing, saving time and getting software into the hands of employees quickly.

Remote control and support: Providing IT support staff with remote access to devices to identify issues and resolve them.

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User Performance Report

Audit trail: Providing a historic log of all activity on a device (including websites visited, apps used, documents printed and files accessed) managers and IT support teams are able to easily identify what an employee is accessing and quickly diagnose and fix IT problems where appropriate.

Acceptable use policy: Reminding employees how to act responsibly online by enforcing acceptable use policies and running reports to measure their efficacy, while supporting data protection responsibilities through verifiable consent.


Power management: Centralizing the control of power usage across the network, scheduling remote power on/off, detecting idle time and delivering comparative reports to maintain efficiency and track savings.

Print management: Assigning print credits on an individual basis, and monitoring full printer statistics, enforcing printing restrictions and encouraging a responsible usage policy amongst employees.

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