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Bounce Back Technologies is a leading provider of software products that automate business processes, manage documents electronically and provide efficient information delivery. They have customers in financial services, healthcare, government and many other industries, and their products are installed in all of the Fortune 100 and many Global 2000 companies.

Open Text RightFax is the proven market leader in fax server, document delivery and fax software. It delivers the most reliable and robust fax software solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, enabling enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions. By using a RightFax fax server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information virtually from any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.


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RightFax fax server software improves the flow of your company’s vital information by automating business-critical fax and document distribution. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, the RightFax network fax server increases employee productivity and decreases paper-based operational costs.

Your business faces increasing pressure to improve employee and process productivity, and to reduce operational costs. Bounce Back Technologies RightFax meets these challenges by integrating and automating fax and document distribution with your existing business applications. This lets you reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and decrease risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and unsecure email communications.

RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems. Learn how the benefits of RightFax save you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and document distribution within your company. Quickly impact your ROI by streamlining document workflow, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Now more than ever your organization needs to:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase employee efficiency with fax to email and email to fax
  • Integrate fax seamlessly from within business applications
  • Send and receive faxes by integrating fax with your MFPs/MFDs.
  • Unify communications for voice, data and fax.
  • Prove compliance and improve audit-readiness.

RightFax fax software has met these needs for 25 years. It continues to lead the market by integrating secure fax automation into email, front offices, back offices, the web, MFPs, and nearly any system or application.

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What’s New with RightFax?

The latest release of Bounce Back Technologies™ RightFax™, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4, is packed full of new features, functionality and add-on-modules designed to simplify your environment, add new visibility to traffic and improve the administrative and user experience.

Key release highlights include :

  • Web-based user client - RightFax FaxUtil Web is designed to provide a full-featured, web-based user experience that offers all the functionality of RightFax FaxUtil, but as a thin client that eliminates the administrative burden of managing a Windows-based RightFax user client.
  • RightFax Archive - RightFax Archive is a new add-on module to RightFax installations that provides an integrated archiving tool that allows administrators to maintain their fax content within the RightFax system without degrading the performance of RightFax or the use of third party or separate archiving tools.
  • RightFax Secure FoIP channels - When utilizing Fax over IP (FoIP), the new RightFax Secure FoIP channels secures and encrypts fax traffic within the firewall. This new channel option introduces support for TLS over SIP, where TLS provides endpoint authentication by using mutual or two-way authentication on a hop-by-hop basis
  • RightFax eBusiness License - This release introduces new functionality that allows organizations to privately share their server capacity with other business entities and affiliates through “Exclusive Groups” available with the RightFax eBusiness License. The RightFax eBusiness License allows organizations to provide fax services with included privacy for an unlimited number of affiliate business partners.
  • Plus so much more!

RightFax is a centralized fax server solution that provides the best foundational platform for secure faxing capabilities across an entire organization.

As the most powerful fax server in the industry, organizations leverage RightFax to build a robust communication ecosystem that is integrated and automated to reduce risk, enable compliance, and accelerated time to revenue.

RightFax integrates fax with email, desktop, and document management applications, and enables high-volume, automated fax delivery from CRM, ERP, ECM, vertical and other host applications.

When you need to integrate fax with applications that control your business processes, RightFax is the fax server that accelerates the speed at which you do business.

Automated, secure information exchange provides the business agility needed not only to respond and react to change but also to propel past your competition. RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems, saving you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and secure information exchange within your company.

Quickly impact your ROI by streamlining document workflows and fax-dependent processes to reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Flexible deployment options to meet the needs of your organization and grow as you grow
  • Integrate fax with business applications, powered by the tightest integrations in the industry
  • Get rid of fax machines or consolidate disparate fax solutions to a single solution
  • Increase employee efficiency with easy desktop faxing.
  • Increase the security and compliance for faxing and improve audit-readiness
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