Information Exchange

Information Exchange

Bounce Back Technologies is a leading provider of software products that automate business processes, manage documents electronically and provide efficient information delivery. They have customers in financial services, healthcare, government and many other industries, and their products are installed in all of the Fortune 100 and many Global 2000 companies.

RightFax fax server software improves the flow of your company’s vital information by automating business-critical fax and document distribution. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, the RightFax network fax server increases employee productivity and decreases paper-based operational costs.

Bounce Back Technologies

RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems. Learn how the benefits of RightFax save you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and document distribution within your company. Quickly impact your ROI by streamlining document workflow, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

RapidSMS is a cloud-based SMS hosting and campaign service, saving clients the hassle to maintain costly system infrastructure. With number masking and high-speed messaging abilities to meet your needs, RapidSMS offers quality-tested customized SMS solutions at extremely affordable prices. Imagine the possibilities of mobile messaging - just the way your business needs it!

Bounce Back Technologies


Enterprise customers increasingly demand customisable SMS messaging solutions for client communications, marketing campaigns and system monitoring notifications. The cost and operational inefficiency of managing multiple SMS servers becomes a daunting issue as requirements increase across departments.

RapidSMS is the managed SMS service division for clients who do not want to purchase any software. Software as a Service is the way to go for companies who prefer to let the experts manage the system for them.


Besides traditional SMS, its hybrid messaging platform offers Push Notifications to Apple and Android phones, helping to reach recipients faster and more cost-effectively.

With our hybrid messaging model, you can reach out to a wider audience through push notifications, absolutely free!


The RapidSMS API simplifies the integration process of our unique features into your applications. Enable seamless integration of SMS messaging into your existing systems or future customised projects.

Send single SMS and bulk SMS through HTTP or SOAP, and check your user quota and remaining SMS credits online!

Impero WorkPlace Pro

Powerful, cost-effective remote network and device management

Impero WorkPlace Pro combines network management, device management and remote control features designed to streamline IT processes, save valuable time, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and improve employee productivity in a digital environment.

Managed via a single intuitive interface, technical teams and managers can remotely track, monitor and manage employees devices across the network – including devices offsite or those with remote working scenarios. From power management, resolving IT issues, simple IT management tools, pushing out software updates and endpoint security, Impero WorkPlace Pro simplifies countless network management tools.